Was nothing sacred to you?

You pick me up and drop

me down.

Shatter my soul.

In to water I fall

and slowly drown.

Bubbles rise from my

last gasp of death,

you raise my hopes

up on that high,

that oh so high pedestal

and smirk as you wait,

to see me once again fall.

Love should not feel so dark.

Should not drag a heart

into such agony.

The light from hard steel

slices to make a map of thorns

on my heart.

Who will want to follow that path?

After you leave.

The slow drops of a bleeding scar

like footprints that

crushed my hopes as

you danced on my peace.

And your hands dragged me

from my solitude

into a cage of anger.

Your smile that lured me

away from sanity.

Lips that cruelly lied

and took my words

of resistance away

Eyes like molten lava

that melted  my

resolve to resist.

The fight I had lost

from the very start.


Was nothing sacred to you from the start?

Was my heart such an easy mark?

Was I never loved by you?

Was nothing sacred in your malicious game?

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