Crossing the line of decent human behaviour.

I am going to deviate from my subject of a writer’s life this week. Those of you that don’t like Jack Reacher, stop reading now. I may just about to offend!

My blog this week is going to be about, “Our Boys in Blue”.

The reason is of course is obvious. Black Lives Matter.

The events unfolding both here and across the USA have revealed something in our society that has made me extremely uncomfortable and I am going to explain why in way very personal and pertinent to me.

So let’s start by saying I am white.  I am a woman of a certain age who lives on her own with no children and I hasten to add no cats. I have for the most part of my boring existence on this planet escaped any interaction with the British Police Force, except whilst working as a football steward as venues such as Wembley.

But life is a funny thing. Just as you are planning a retirement to the South of France your world can change irrevocably. And so the last three or four years I have had more contact with the boys in blue then a woman of my age should be have had. Or really would want to have.

As a result of my own behaviour I have come in contact with the Police on at one stage a regular basis. Some of my friends know some of the story, many of my neighbours know part of the story. No one knows the full story.

I have lived in a village for almost seventeen years. The first fifteen years I slipped under the radar but then for two years I have had more visits from the police then I should even be admitting to.

You are probably thinking I would be one of those individuals up in London attacking the police and destroying other people’s property and throwing bricks at horses. You would be wrong totally.

I am struggling to get my head round the events over the past week. Really struggling. What happened to that man in the USA was totally out of order. Of course it was. And people protesting initially made sense.

But these people are not protesting they are rioting. If it was about racism, well that point has been lost beneath the orgy of looting, violence and anti-social behaviour that has prevailed.

After all of the incidents where the police have arrived at my door I still have the utmost respect for them. And ultimately they have helped me get my life back on track. Although I was not actually knocking of the gates of prison, I was getting pretty damn close.

My behaviour was unacceptable, it was stupid, dangerous and on occasions totally insane. Fortunately I was willing to see that for myself and not to blame events for my predicament on the invasion of the Vikings in 870 for my predicament here in the 21st Century.

We are living through some very strange times. And our lives over the past few months have been taxing in the extreme. Our future remains unsettled.

But has the lockdown obliterated all common decency in certain individuals? Watching scenes of angry riots and unnecessary violence towards our Police Force has left me a little bit ashamed to be English.

Scenes of throwing bricks at horses, left me sickened. OK. life is not going the way we wanted it to, or hoped it would. But what level of intelligence do people operate at to think violence is going to get them what they want?

The Police Force are not our punch bags to use when we are angry disappointed or disillusioned with things. Looting shops and attacking other people is just as bad as the incident that has sparked these riots.

I just don’t feel those marches are actually about Black Lives Matter really. They are about a society that has begun to implode. That has crossed the line between decency and anarchy.

For those of you still reading and waiting for mention of Jack Reacher there is nothing more. I just used him to grab some readers’ attention.  I am as I said a dull, boring, white woman of a certain age, with no cats. I needed something to draw you in.

But I still have respect or our Police Force. Guys stop crossing that thin line. They deserve better then what they are receiving at the moment.

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