Silver linings for a writer and the joy of self isolation.

So, it was an exciting week for me last week. My first lunch with Wendy my Agent. And my fellow thriller writer Justine.
I guess the first thing that I noticed course was how quiet London was. Its usual hustle and bustle had been reduced to a trickle of activity. It was subdued but still many places had business as usual.
Our lunch was a fabulous brainstorming session which opened new doors to how I am going to have to get myself a decent social profile. I am way behind other writers. Justine seems to have a complete understanding of the whole social media and how influential it will be when published.
This is of course one of the benefits of having an Agent. She is advising me on all of this. I know when I published my first book Jewish Days Arab Nights, I had no idea what I was doing. And this was apparent immediately in my sales, and in my reviews.
It wasn’t that I thought I had to sit back and just let my book sell itself. I t was more I had no idea about the power of social media. And never more has the current corona crises shown me just how results are influenced by the media.
My opinion of the crises is that the media pointed the arrow to the word panic and low and behold panic we all have.
So, can I point the arrow to the words “literary success” and that will be the result? I am really hoping so.
Many ideas were bounced around at the lunch. Giving talks to various organisations. Approaching libraries. I even in a moment of madness suggested I visit a prison discuss with a killer what drove them to their actions.
I said this half in jest but the look on Wendy’s face suggested this was a fabulous idea. I am dropping HMPS a line later today, to ask do they have any serial killers who would be happy to sit (obviously behind the safety of a barrier) and explain the whole thought process that went on when they went on their killing spree.
I am sure this would add an even deeper and darker layer to my writing that could set me apart from many other thriller writers.
Justine came up with the idea of “book blogging tours”. And I have to say that seems to have been a method that has been used effectively in the past and present for many authors. I will definitely be giving this a go.
For a writer the corona virus really is a gift. The prospect of a month in self isolation would mean the first draft and possibly the second draft of my book could be completed. I would probably have started the idea for the second book.
But would self-isolation release the desired imagination? Well yes for it would. As previously mentioned I live in a remote area it would not be such a great leap to imagine dead bodies and the disposal of them.
I could probably in a complete fit of cabin fever conduct an experiment of my own. With very little chance of anyone noticing just what I was up to.
But so far this situation for me is not a viable option or to be perfectly honest necessary. Although suddenly many of my team members are complaining because we are still working from the office. I guess for them the prospect of a month at home would in truth not involve much work.
Various rather unimaginative reasons are being bandied about as to why they should be working from home.
I am now considering seriously just asking the CEO of my place of work, “Can I take the month off to write my very very scary thriller. Which will be published.” For that was something we established Friday. Both mine and Justine’s books are going to be published. Of that there is no doubt.
For now, however we have come up with a few ideas to catapult our ambitions to the words. “Literary success.”.
Ultimately, we are experiencing now a prolific and vicious serial killer in the form of the corona virus. I am not sure any human could be as successful or as relentless. Although in history various other viruses have reduced the human population with apparent ease. But this killer seems to have an equally relentless ally in the form of social media.
Franz Kafka said, ” Writing is utter solitude, the decent into the cold abyss of oneself.”
Both Kafka and Wendy are right, isolation first and social media second. Although to be fair isolation would be my choice every time.
For me to get to my desired destination with this book I need to use all the weapons at my disposal.
All I need is a dry cough and a well-stocked food cupboard with an equally healthy stocked wine rack and of course the ubiquitous stash of toilet rolls. Although I may have left that last one a bit late to acquire.

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