More Chinese pyjamas please !

I don’t think like most of society. That is what has become apparent from the response to this pandemic. I do know that a few people think the same as me. Ironically I know of one fellow writer who has reflected my opinions. Are writers all on a different wave length to everybody else. Please let me know.

As you may know I want to be a social recluse, but I am not allowed to if I want to be published!

Now that I am trying to build up a stronger social profile buy social networking I am spending more time on these sites. And what an experience it has become!

I am appalled at many things I am seeing posted. So much so I realised this morning that anxiety is contagious like the virus itself.

I was fairly OK about this pandemic. Despite its spread across the globe and the way it was felling the masses.  Felt I would cope, somehow muddle though. Accepting of it all in some strange way.  But then I had a complete melt down this morning over something that could and was resolved easily by fellow work colleagues.

I had in a few days become anxious, depressed emotional and angry. And it was social media that had caused it all.

The first thing that upsets me is this constant emphasis on the number that are dying. Yes of course this is distressing but why is no one concentrating on the number that are recovering? An estimated 114,000 so far. Why are we embracing the death rate, like a child’s comfort blanket? We need to grasp at the thought people can survive surely.

I have noticed also now we are getting the vigilantes that want to name and shame people who are not behaving as they should. Is this fake news posted to again rile any passive member of society in to toxic activity? I am now finding I am blocking so many posts, I may soon have to post pictures of my days travelling the world before social media to convince myself there was a time before naming and shaming was so prevalent. I am not one for photos of myself so this would be the last resort.

Emotional blackmail is another insidious aspect of the whole stay indoors thing. What gives anyone the right to make someone feel they are individually responsible for the fact that another person cannot sit by the side of their loved ones whilst they are dying? Its obscene. Society as whole is at fault not individuals.

Some people may be carriers of this virus and not even know it. Is scientific ignorance justification to cause guilt to some one when you don’t even know how your loved one caught the virus or from whom?

And another thing that upsets me is this panic buying. Greed and selfishness at a scale beyond what I thought a country like England could stoop to. We are not a third world country with starving masses. We are one of the strongest nations in the developed world. Already the rubbish collectors are reporting that there is an increase in the disposal of perishable foods thrown out before even being opened. This didn’t surprise me, not at all, I saw that coming. Only gluttonous people could want more then they need and throw food away with such disregard.

One of my friends reported to me how she had gone to Greggs for a few bread rolls and by the time she got home the rolls had been stolen. I hope that whoever stole them really was desperate for them, but I somehow doubt it. Like wise the person who stole toilet rolls from a woman at a checkout who had just paid for them.

The toilet roll fiasco was it for me. A virus that causes respiratory problems spreads around the world and what does this nation do? Fight over toilet rolls.

You see where I am going with all this. When I read all these things I find myself getting dragged down into the black abyss that I had dragged myself out of last year. Mental Health is one of the topics that has been until this pandemic the new “me too” subject.

How we were going to help each other, support people with mental health issues. Yet already that has slipped off the radar for a large group of society. Every man for himself. Kick that vulnerable person off the raft they will hold me up!

Self-isolation for many is going to result in depression, thoughts of suicide and self-harm. I fear the number of suicides could if we don’t do something  soon escalate to almost the same level as the number of deaths by the corona virus.

I then, because I am not naturally a negative person try the positive approach, relaying the number of reported recoveries from the virus. Hoping that others will pick up from this. But more people still seem interested in death rates.

Or reposting humorous post to cheer the lost and the lonely up. Again I fear no one is listening.

For me  I just feel, nature has had enough of the selfish human race and is now fighting back. In the same way people feel it’s acceptable to shoot elephants for trophies or kill orangutan’s because they live in cultivated field normally where the trees for palm oil is grown, mother nature is showing you what a virus can really do to people.

She is starting to show you who really is the most dangerous the most powerful and ultimately still the most destructive. Thumbs up to Mother Nature.
We are all running into our homes locking the doors and self-isolating. Part of me is thinking yes let’s hope that works. Part of me is thinking watch the suicide rate go up now. Divorces and murders the later for me is prime writing material.

But another bigger part of me is thinking we have only got ourselves to blame. The signs have been there for decades. But we ignored them. How long did we think we could treat the planet like we have?

Fortunately, my agent has got a support group going for us miserable emotional sods that are sliding into melodramatic misery. There is hope for all of us.

And today there have been some funny sides to it for me. Again, it was a fellow writer. He posted on Facebook that he had received in the post today his order of silk pyjamas from China.

Now if you met this man you would know how funny this is. The image in my head immediately lifted my spirits. He has been asked to wear them take a photo and post the pictures on Facebook just to raise a smile for us all. The gold ones’ sound especially delightful.

So please more Chinese Pyjamas. Corona virus free.